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ACS3 (335d) short test from Auto Bild Sportscars

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ACS3 (335d) short test from Auto Bild Sportscars
Auto Bild Sportscars February 2014, Read the English translation below
Based on the 335d xDriveAC Schnitzer has cultivated a flawless sports engine delivering 360 hp and 690 Nm, which mercilessly thrashes its competitors yet remains a thoroughbred diesel. 
Right from the start, when the crankshaft rattles slightly harshly at idle before purring in a more refined fashion through the cockpit, there is an aura of confidence. A straight-six diesel to the Munich recipe. It's only at full load that the Aachen car demonstrates the full power lurking of this beast of an engine. 
Body/quality: Of course you can accuse the in-house collection of a certain stylistic monotony or high prices, but in fact no-one does panel fit and finish better than BMW. The make-up of the bodykit is so well-matched to the 3-series that it harmonizes perfectly with the factory-fitted Aerokit, which provides the side skirts for example. 
Driving pleasure/drive: AC Schnitzer unlocks 60 Nm (690 instead of 630) and 47 hp (360 instead of 313) from the software. The driving behaviour and response remain first-class, the power development - an explosive pleasure even in the untuned biturbo - becomes more dramatic. The power isn't restricted to the mid-range; it pulls cleanly and linearly up to the 5000 rpm mark. Even the triturbo of an M550d can't beat this. 
Driving performance: The all-wheel drive pulls away just as impressively from the start; 4.4 seconds to 100 km/h, 17.6 to 200 km/h according to the clock. That's not only a diesel record, but faster than the company's 335i which in our test took 18.7 seconds. The diesel is sustainably slowed only by the factory-set Vmax limit and the extra-cost uprated BMW brakes, which bring the car to a halt from 100 in just 33 metres. 
Suspension/comfort: With new springs, Schnitzer retains ride comfort but at the same time ensures high-speed stability, while still ensuring enough agility at the rear to take corners on the racing line. Thanks to all-wheel drive, the powerful engine can safely let off steam at any time. 
Price/cost: The performance upgrade and wheelset belong to the top price class. The tuned 335d stands its ground at the pumps - the 360 hp drinks only 8.5 litres per 100 km from the injectors. 
SUMMARY: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
With its tuned 335d, AC Schnitzer not only presents the fastest diesel sprinter of all, but also an extremely well-balanced combination of aesthetics, performance, handling and comfort. You can't find a better power diesel in the middle class. Fabulous! 

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