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Performance upgrades for BMW 3 series (F30/F31) diesel, from


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Performance upgrades for BMW 3 series (F30/F31) diesel, from
Performance upgrades for BMW 3 series (F30/F31) diesel, from Performance upgrades for BMW 3 series (F30/F31) diesel, from Performance upgrades for BMW 3 series (F30/F31) diesel, from
AC Schnitzer performance upgrades offer a unique solution to boosting your car's performance while retaining warranty cover on your car. Every AC Schnitzer performance upgrade delivers a substantial, but safe, performance increase and comes with a 3 year* warranty from AC Schnitzer to cover the tuned engine and drivetrain and run alongside your BMW factory warranty. 

Features of AC Schnitzer performance upgrades:
    Premium quality - developed by BMW tuners with over 30 years experience.
    Standard car software is retained so the car can be serviced and updated by BMW as usual.
    The standard ECU is not altered or tampered with a secondary ECU accesses CANBUS data to deliver the performance increase.
    Standard driveability retained. Smooth, effortless performance with safer overtaking.
    Efficient Performance - no increase in emissions in most cases
    Opportunity to enhance the performance of a lower tax bracket car without paying more tax
    Can be ordered and installed at selected BMW dealers and independent  specialists around the UK and Ireland.
    Unique, worry-free warranty solution included.

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ModelHP standardHP tunedDetailed information
320d N47184218here
320d B47190222NA




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Reviewer: Guy Thatcher East Sussex   5 Stars

What is it they say - 'You don't notice the good things until they are gone'? Now some would think that a standard 335d was quick enough. Well they best not get an ACS power upgrade then because it might just change their minds. What it does is turn an already torquey car into something just wonderful. The pull is turbine like (and actually giggle inducing in the lower gears). Yes there are more powerful remaps but sensibly ACS puts a limit on the torque to ensure no OEM tolerances are breached. The big thing has to be the warranty cover. You're paying for massive peace of mind here. To pay £40-50k for a car and then risk invalidating the warranty by plugging anything into it is madness to me. Knowing that ACS will back up any claims that BMW do not honour is like having your cake and eating it. You're left to just enjoy the car. Oh and for those that need to know - my mpg increased by about 2-4mpg with the upgrade - less need to rev as so much torque. Back to my original point -the upgrade has now been removed from my 335d, ready for trade in (for an M3) and the car just feels gutless. Now I know it's still quick but that huge wave of torque you get with the ACS upgrade is addictive.