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RS adjustable suspension for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from


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RS adjustable suspension for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from
RS adjustable suspension for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from RS adjustable suspension for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from RS adjustable suspension for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from
If there is one thing AC Schnitzer excel at, it's suspension, and our RS adjustable suspension package is our very best Edit Product. Extensive R&D by AC Schnitzer engineers and setup by AC Schnitzer test driver Manfred Wollgarten on the road and at the Nurburgring result in a package that gives incredible control with sublime ride quality. There simply is no better suspension package for your 3 series. Fully adjustable for ride height, compression and rebound damping, this package comes supplied with AC Schnitzer's recommended settings for fast road use.

Please choose the correct body, drive, engine and damping spec of your car from the options above for pricing and  ordering. For cars with X-drive the kit includes a mandatory stabiliser bar. Cars with BMW adaptive suspension will lose the adaptive function as the dampers are manually adjustable as above, the kit includes a control unit so that the car does not report this as a fault.

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Reviewer: Terry Berkhamsted   5 Stars

After two years and much playing around with the suspension I've now finally got the car I'd hoped when buying a high-powered car from BMW. Whilst I have the tourer, with buying a 335d I had expected handling to match the performance, but sadly it did not. The standard xdrive suspension was woeful, and whilst the ride was improved over my previous E90 330d, the handling was a step backward. I tried ACS springs, and that helped and also bigger Anti-roll bars, but I still thought it could be better, particularly in body control. Eventually I fitted the RS suspension and just wished I'd done it 2 years earlier. The low speed ride is a bit firmer as you'd expect, but for me in an entirely good way - I can "feel" what the road surface is like, but the high quality damping smooths and absorbs the sharpness. The handling is in a different league though- car corners flat and precisely, the set up is much more neutral than before, with none of the heavy nosed understeer of the standard car, allowing you to alter the line with the throttle instead. The faster you go or the worse the road then the more the suspension offers, soaking up bumps and compressions in one stroke, and allowing you to carry immense speed without even realising it.

Reviewer: Guy Thatcher East Sussex   5 Stars

One of the major flaws of the 3 series xDrive is the suspension. Put bluntly it's awful. I very quickly found out about replacing the standard springs with Schnitzer ones and no question this improved things. But ultimately the standard dampers still were the weak spot. I decided to go for the RS setup and what a difference. Combined with the Schnitzer power upgrade, it turned my car into a ruthless cross country car.

So how to describe the difference. Those wincing moments where you thought the standard setup was running out of answers and could bounce you off the road - no more. Ironically the more you throw at the RS suspension, the better it becomes. What it does is leave you to actually get on with enjoying the car, rather than worry about the road surface tripping it up.

Some would think that the ride has to suffer. I don't think it did. Yes it was slightly harder but the way it dealt with bumps was in a different class - it just felt so much more sophisticated and no passengers complained.

I would recommend this setup to anyone considering it. It's usable in a daily driver but just takes the 3 series to another level. ACS have done all the hard work in getting the setup as it should be. That and the extensive warranty cover is what you're paying for.

So how come I don't have it now? 335d's going to be replaced by an M3 - a test drive in the ACS M4 sorted that one out.