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RS adjustable suspension for BMW M4 coupé (F82)

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If there is one thing AC Schnitzer excel at, it's suspension, and our RS adjustable suspension package is our very best product. Extensive R&D by AC Schnitzer engineers and setup by AC Schnitzer test driver Manfred Wollgarten on the road and at the Nurburgring result in a package that gives incredible control with sublime ride quality. There simply is no better suspension package for your M car. Adjustable for ride height 30-40mm lower than stock, and compression and rebound damping independently, this package comes supplied with AC Schnitzer's recommended settings for fast road use.

NB This kit deletes the adaptive damping function as these dampers are mechanically adjustable as above.

Not available for M4 convertible (F83). Compatible with Competition Pack coupe and saloon.

Fitting instructions in German & English.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Terry Robertson Oxfordshire   5 Stars

I bought my M4 hoping not to have to modify it too much, like I had my 335d, but once you've had better quality suspension it's hard to go back to standard. I didn't find the M4 terrible, but it's such a great car that I really felt that a proper suspension set up would really top it off.

So, I went up to AC Schnitzer in Kings Lynn yesterday to have their ACS RS coilovers fitted. I had a long cross country drive back to try it all out and I honestly couldn't be happier with it. It's similar firmness as it was before in sport mode, but less harsh, and more absorbant and controlled.

Before it felt over sprung, and under damped, woefully so in comfort mode, and I could "feel" the ARBs in play too much. Now the car feels all of a one, breathing and flowing with the road, always in absolute control of it's masses and movement, with no aspect or component of the suspension dominating.

I'd expected the large improvement in control, but had expected a trade off in ride comfort, but there's none, it's actually better. Biggest surprise is just how much more confidence and trust I have to lean on it, especially on the exit of bends.

Anyway, all those with good suspension already fitted will already know what I'm talking about, but for anyone else thinking about it, I just say go for it. It should have been my very first mod!

Reviewer: James McAllister Snowdonia   5 Stars

Never a fan of aftermarket modifications after a number of so so conversions, I am totally blown away with the Schnitzer RS suspension set up on my 2016 M3 Competition. No more nose dive to overheat the front brakes, no fiddling with suspension settings, just a confidence in a great front end on turn in. I'm running Schitzers standard settings at the moment Daily ride isn't any firmer than standard and the dampers really absorb the bumps with fluidity. My wife and kids who did'nt know I'd changed the set up haven't commented on the ride. Ultimate challenge was the amazing but bumpy roads here in Snowdonia which bring out the very best or worst in suspension. Glad to say it excelled and more importantly you can now get the power down with confidence, something that doesn't happen on the factory set up. Only downside is ride height which means be cautious over ramps and multi story car parks. But another upside.. it looks amazing, lowered. Oh and with some Eibach spacers added in.