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Sports suspension for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from


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The AC Schnitzer sports suspension package replaces the springs and dampers to take the handling of the 3 series to the next level. Ride height is reduced 25mm approx on SE/Sport and xDrive models, and around 15mm on M Sport models.

Compared to a suspension spring kit, sports suspension offers a further improvement in body control, reducing bouncing and wallowing over bumps and undulations, and enhancing traction. This improvement comes about as a result of the use of high quality components and carefully chosen damping rates. Ride quality, as with all AC Schnitzer suspension, is still excellent. "Rather fast than hard" is the motto of AC Schnitzer development engineer Manfred Wollgarten and it shows in this upgrade.

Suitable for all models. For cars with BMW adaptive suspension this function is no longer necessary and is deleted.

Please choose the appropriate model options from above when ordering and the price will update automatically.

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Reviewer: Duncan redhead Newcastle upon Tyne    5 Stars

Bmw f31 sport suspension

What can I say about this brilliant product, full sport suspension kit was recommended by lorcan after I wasn’t to happy with the ride that just lowering springs gave (another brand), was a little sceptical thinking shockers and springs could not make that much difference but how wrong was I, the car is absolutely transformed, excellent road holding, lovely and smooth over bad surfaces, I’ve been a mechanic for 34 years and owned my own garage for 18 years now and I can honestly say this is an amazing upgrade which I can’t see anyone being disappointed in. 5 stars plus

Reviewer: YK Loke Norfolk   5 Stars

A frequent question is whether to just aim for the relatively lower cost ACS springs upgrade alone, or to go the whole hog for the Sports suspension which is springs plus dampers.

I've had the benefit of being on the ACS springs alone for a couple of months, and then having the dampers added just a week ago, so I can directly compare both.

Bear in mind that I have a very vanilla, lowly 320iSE, 17 in wheels, with no tweaks.

The ACS springs hugely improved the steering and turn-in. The ride was a little bit firm, but not uncomfortably so. I was quite pleased with the result.

The ACS dampers changed things to a different dimension. The ride has improved substantially. The lurching and pitching up and down has completely disappeared.

If you drive on undulating and uneven back roads like I do, then the dampers are an absolute necessity. In the past, I had always felt a little bit nervous taking a succession of fast corners on an uneven back road because there was always half a second or so delay where the car wanted to go in the opposite direction to my steering input. This has now been replaced by very good body control and steering response despite challenging road conditions.

I've really enjoyed my car in the past week since going the whole hog. Five months ago, I was thinking of selling it because I wasn't enjoying my drive, but faced losing lots of money in depreciation - so the full upgrade to sports suspension has certainly been worthwhile.

Admittedly, for those on a tight budget, whose journey is mainly on motorways and fast sweeping A-roads, then the ACS springs alone would be the better value option.

Reviewer: Keith Smith Hampshire   5 Stars

I'm a very happy man indeed! Wow. It's everything I hoped it would be. Firm but supple. Before, where the standard setup would bounce and crash over broken roads, this just soaks it up. It feels composed, solid and planted. I can get the power down much better too, particularly sport + when booting it at lowish speeds.

I couldn't really test it on the 180 mile trip home as all the old suspension was in the boot. But I went for a spin over familiar roads when I got back and noticed the transformation straight away. The car drives and feels premium now and what it should have been to begin with.

If you're thinking of getting this done, do it! It's a much more usable and worthwhile upgrade than any remap. It's transformed my car so now I can exploit and make better use of what power I have.

Big thanks to Lorcan and his team for the hospitality and professional service!