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Sports suspension kit for BMW 1 series (F20/F21), from


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Sports suspension kit for BMW 1 series (F20/F21), from
Sports suspension kit for BMW 1 series (F20/F21), from Sports suspension kit for BMW 1 series (F20/F21), from Sports suspension kit for BMW 1 series (F20/F21), from
Our sports suspension package replaces the springs and dampers to take the handling of the car to the next level. Ride height is reduced 24mm on SE and Sport models and 14mm on M Sport models (inc M135i). Roadholding and steering are improved through the use of high quality components and perfectly matched damping and spring rates, and the "vertical chop" associated with standard BMW suspension on fast bumpy corners is greatly reduced. This cannot be achieved with springs alone. Ride quality, as with all AC Schnitzer suspension, is excellent. "Rather fast than hard" is the motto of AC Schnitzer development engineer Manfred Wollgarten and it shows in this upgrade.

Suitable for SE, Sport & M Sport models. For cars with adaptive damping this function is deleted.

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Reviewer: NJS Essex   5 Stars

Blessed Relief

I agree with the other reviews on the suspension, it’s nothing short of a revelation, and kudos to Schnitzer for getting this so right.

I had the full sports suspension fitted on my 19 plate 140i and it’s transformed the car.

The key improvement over the OEM set up, is that the car even at low speeds feels so much more planted and settled. The ride is so much smoother and at even moderate speeds, loses all of that horrible twitchy/ fidgety movement.

I had been concerned the Schnitzer set up would result in an overly harsh ride, but for me I’m surprised by the fact that it’s not, and comfort wise I’d say it’s an improvement over the OEM set up.

The improvement being so dramatic that even my family have noticed and comment how much nicer the car is now the suspension has been changed.

I find it intriguing as to how the OEM set up ever made it out of the factory, as from my perspective it was a real weak spot of the car.

Perhaps German roads are just that much better, or perhaps there needed to be clear water between the 140i and the M2 ..?

Who knows, but either way I am delighted with the new set up, And would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Finally, also worth mentioning the strong levels of support and service from Lorcan and Daniel, who were great throughout the whole process, as I also had some other bits done, with many queries from my side, all met with patience and knowledgeable responses.

Reviewer: Richard Yorkshire   5 Stars

Having owned my M140i 12 months I decided it was time to sort out the disappointing suspension.

For me it's the only thing letting the car down.

As is well known it's a very fidgety ride and seems to constantly bounce up and down.

Getting the power down coming out of corners was a problem, it just skipped about, even in the dry.

I read many reviews of various set ups, and after making contact with Lorcan at Rossiters decided on the full sports suspension instead of just springs.

It now feels fantastic to drive. You can now get the power down exiting corners etc, it just digs in and goes.

No more bouncing about , the ride is a lot more complient, an improvement on any road you drive on.

It's now approx 14mm lower, so be aware if that's a problem, but the ride is so much better.

I can recommend Rossiters for their service as well.

Reviewer: Rob Barrett Saul Gloucestershire   5 Stars

I must concur with the other reviews. I have had the springs and dampers fitted to my 135 and it now is the car it always should have been. My previous car was a Z4 M Coupe, a truly great car which had a less than perfect low speed ride but went and handled with real class on the right road. At first the 135 was a real disappointment but with the new suspension the confidence it now gives to exploit the power is a real achievement. The biggest surprise is the extra feel to the steering, even in comfort mode you feel completely in control.

Reviewer: Colin B. North Devon   5 Stars

Last year my wife bought an M140i non adaptive. I fell in love with it being an RWD fan at heart and when the time came to change my Golf 7R I ordered one but decided to add adaptive. I’d not had the opportunity to try an adaptive car. Big mistake. The adaptive car is lovely driving slowly around town in comfort and on smooth roads. But as soon as road gets a bit lumpy and bumpy and you try pushing on the handling goes to pieces and you just can’t use the power of that lovely straight 6. Many reviewers have said the handling is not good above 6 tenths or 8 tenths depending on who you read but it’s not just when you’re pushing on. Even at moderate speeds it can become uncomfortable, crashy and feel unsettled on anything but dead flat roads. In my opinion the non adaptive car has better suspension than the adaptive car if still not as good as the Golf R.

After a lot of research I decided to install Schnitzer springs. That improved things a bit but not enough. In both comfort and sport the car still felt choppy on all but the smoothest roads. So on to the dampers. Again more research and a lot of opinion says that the problem with adaptive dampers is you're changing the damper not the spring, so you end up with a spring that is a compromise between two or more damper settings. That made sense to me as did the fact that best results come from springs that are matched to dampers.

So in went the Schnitzer sports suspension dampers made to match the springs I’d already fitted. I was grinning by the time I’d hit the first roundabout after leaving Schnitzer’s workshop even though it was pouring with rain. The difference is night and day and has completely changed the feel of the car. The suspension now feels “expensive” as Chris Harris had described the Golf R’s suspension in a video road test. And that’s the best description I can give for it. Just a lovely planted solid feel and a much more comfortable ride. Even things like lane changing and overtaking at speed are so much more confidence inspiring. It now corners much flatter and absorbs mid corner lumps and bumps without any of the previous dramas I would occasionally have when trying to push on.

The car makes me smile now.

Will I miss the adaptive? In this car certainly not.

Thanks to all at Rossiters for their patience in answering my many questions, the numerous coffees and making me happy with my new car.

Colin B. Devon

Reviewer: David W. Surrey   5 Stars

AC Schnitzer sports suspension is nothing short of transformational on

my BMW M140i.

I had the adaptive damper system on my new M140i. I have always ticked this box on new BMWs I order. It was the "go to" tick box. However, particularly noticeable on the M140, I found the ride choppy, not smooth in sports mode and a little unsettled on even flat fast roads. Not installing confidence. So then I installed the Schnitzer springs. Matters improved, but not completely. Still it wasn’t giving me enough of that secure controllable feeling that I wanted while still being

comfortable for an every day driver. So I installed the full AC Schnitzer Sports suspension system. It is nothing short of transformational.

First of all the car lowers noticeably by approximately 14mm on the M140i. Giving it a more aggressive stance, improving the aesthetics considerably. Then there’s the handling. The rear end was prone to being twitchy under full acceleration. That is almost 100% removed. The car sits flatter and stays flat, even under heavy braking and acceleration. The net result is it seems to stop quicker and accelerate faster, all with much confidence inspiring control. The traction control comes on less and when it does, the car still still seems to deal with it better and more precisely, getting more power down. Particularly noticeable going around tight bends or coming out of junctions from a stand still. Sharp sudden changes of direction leave the car totally unflustered.

Handling is now a dream. Cornering flat, securely, you can negotiate bends and other hazards with verve and tenacity in complete confidence. Sitting settled at high speeds on even bumpy road surfaces. Is the car firmer now in its ride? Yes. Of course. But it’s still comfortable and seems

to absorb the bumps and undulations of a bad road surface. So while you can feel the firmness, it remains comfortable. More so than in Sports mode setting with adaptive dampers. Which I noticed, particularly in this latest M140 incarnation, was very bouncy and unsettled on rough or

undulated roads surfaces. Evidenced when I watched other youtube reviews with in car camera set ups. The occupants bobbing around constantly inside the car. And living with a long term back problem, comfort was very important to me. It is nothing short of brilliant the way Schnitzer have set this up.

My advice. Don’t hesitate to get this suspension kit fitted. Untick the adaptive dampers on ordering your car. Save your money and invest in the AC Schnitzer Sports suspension kit.

David W.

Former Class One Advanced Police driver.