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Suspension lowering springs for BMW 3 series GT (F34), from


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Suspension lowering springs for BMW 3 series GT (F34), from
Suspension lowering springs for BMW 3 series GT (F34), from Suspension lowering springs for BMW 3 series GT (F34), from
The "most beautiful form" of dynamic driving behaviour is provided by the AC Schnitzer spring kit, which not only lowers the vehicle by approx 25 millimetres but also gives the entire suspension set-up a more sporting tone, without neglecting the comfort requirements of the passengers.

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Reviewer: santosh scotland   5 Stars

I love the power an economy of n the 335d xdrive engine but I felt that the cornering and roundabout discipline was shocking and not BMW like and I was in despair and thought I had made a mistake by buying this BMW.

I had my AC shnitzer springs installed this week and it has remarkably improved the sportiness with zero effect on comfort and actually car feels more comfortable as there is less body roll etc.

The original springs being spongy made the car unsettled and I had the constant sensation that all 4 tyres did not have adequate contact on the road due to bounciness when cornering and were constantly 'searching'.) All that is gone now.

If my satisfaction score for handling was previously 4/10 now with the springs it is 8/10. So a massive upvote for the springs. if you are considering them just get them.

Reviewer: M Roberts Buckinghamshire   5 Stars

Fitted Schnitzer springs to my 2015 335d GT yesterday OMG what a difference. The car actually goes round corners properly and doesn't float around on motorways and bumpy B roads. Drives more like my older 2014 320 touring used to. Has me realising I was driving round on a floaty mattress for the last 10 months . Should have done this earlier. Thank you Mr Schnitzer these are a bargain and I recommend them to anyone with a 3 series GT