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Suspension springs for BMW 2 series (F22/F23), from


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Suspension springs for BMW 2 series (F22/F23), from
Suspension springs for BMW 2 series (F22/F23), from Suspension springs for BMW 2 series (F22/F23), from Suspension springs for BMW 2 series (F22/F23), from
Lowers SE models 30-40mm approx and M Sport models around 15-20mm (including M 235i and M240i). Improves roadholding, reduces body roll and nosedive on braking and emphasises the appearance of stock or AC Schnitzer bodywork. 

Please choose the correct engine and body options from above for pricing and ordering. 4 wheel alignment is recommended with any suspension geometry change to eliminate the possibility of uneven tyre wear.

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Reviewer: Max Sherburne London   5 Stars

I've be driving the M240i Coupe for about 6 months now and while the car is very quick I found that confidence going into corners or driving on country lanes was lacking due to the very light / artificial steering on the car.

I was at a point where I was considering getting rid of the car and was doing a lot of research into improvements for the steering. After coming across these springs i decided i'd give the car another chance as a low cost upgrade (£300) wasn't completely insane and irreversible.

As soon as i had the springs fitted and tested the car I realised this was an essential upgrade. Immediate impressions were that the steering was a lot stiffer and stronger and the car felt much more grounded. I was really impressed but decided to put a thousand miles on the new springs before writing a proper review.

I would definitely give this product 5 stars, it has completely changed the car for me. I have almost full confidence when taking a corner now, with the upgraded springs the steering feedback is great, i can pinpoint exactly where i will come out of a corner, whereas before i couldn't trust the car to go where I wanted to and to remain stable.

I find that braking is also certainly different now, rather than being pulled towards the front of the vehicle and the nose dipping like before, you just come to a firm stop smoothly, cleanly, with a great feeling of control and knowing you're not going to be thrown back into your seat after releasing the brakes on hard braking as much.

I just find now you can really feel the cars handling limits a lot better, which gives you a great amount of confidence driving, and gives you more chance to enjoy the car as it should be from factory in my opinion.

I'd like to point out that this upgrade was done alongside the M adaptive suspension option and this doesn't hinder the adaptive suspensions ability in any way which was an initial concern. I also have the M body kit on the car and can confirm that the lowering of the car with the new springs isn't too excessive and i'm not catching the front splitter on speed bumps any more than I was prior to the upgrade.

Great product AC Schnitzer!