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Suspension springs for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from


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Suspension springs for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from
Suspension springs for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from Suspension springs for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from Suspension springs for BMW 3 series (F30/F31), from
This hugely popular spring kit lowers SE and X-drive models 20-25mm approx and M Sport (S-drive) models around 15mm for dramatic improvments in handling and steering. Improves roadholding, reduces body roll and nosedive on braking and emphasises the appearance of stock or AC Schnitzer bodywork with no significant loss of ride quality.

Fully compatible with BMW adaptive suspension and X-drive.

Please choose the correct engine, drive system and body from the options above for pricing and ordering.

Fitting instructions in German & English.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Jeremy Rollason Emsworth, West Sussex   5 Stars

I was disappointed with the handling and ride of my sixth generation (F31)x Drive 330D SE after 10 years of happy ownership of a fifth generation (E91) 330D M Sport. So disillusioned was I with the F31, that I was about to swap it for something else, when I Googled suspension mods. Alpina didn't appear to do these independently, so I ended up speaking to a very helpful chap (sorry, but don't recall the name) at AC Schnitzer. I wanted the full sport suspension upgrade, but this can not be fitted to the x Drive Touring models for some reason. So I ordered the springs only and had these fitted at Barons of Hindhead for less than £1k all in. The difference they make are enormous. The x Drive (particularly with a 6 cylinder diesel engine up front) is nose heavy, but the car now steers where you point it and wait for it...actually goes around corners! That terrible understeer at low or medium speeds is eradicated. Further, the composure of the whole car on undulating roads or motorways is much improved and doesn't bounce around any more like a 2CV! As other reviews state, the car looks much better sitting 20mm lower, without any deterioration in ride quality. Shame on BMW for making the SE such a terrible handling car out of the box - a 4 wheel drive Skoda Octavia estate handles better. In summary, if you have a 330D x Drive SE, fit these springs and you will have a car more than fit for purpose.

Reviewer: Guy Thatcher East Sussex   5 Stars

Very simply, if you have an xDrive 3 series, do yourself a big favour and fit these springs. The cars ship with SE suspension as standard that is wallowy and slow-witted. Adaptive dampers can only do so much to save the situation. These springs transform the car, bringing it more in line with what you would have hoped for from BMW. Don't worry about the ride - most reckon it actually improves. Win win. Visually they are a winner because they lose that 4x4 look the xDrives ship with! Don't think they are limited to just xDrive as they do a similar job in sDrive cars as well. These are very simply the cheapest way to transform an F30 and if you want more proof, head over to the UK BMW forums and be amazed to find out just how many people had got them!

Reviewer: Kal West Midlands   5 Stars

The way the car should have left the factory.

Improves the handling look and ride of a 335xd

Reviewer: Alistair McIntosh yorkshire   5 Stars

Had these fitted within a month of taking delivery of my 335d X drive M sport tourer. Transformed the car which because all F3x series x drive are factory fitted with SE springs mean the handling is wallowy.. I've never 'modded' a car before but I would say these springs are essential on a 3 series x drive. My local main dealer (Stratstone) wouldn't fit them so ACS uk put me in touch with another (Sandal BMW Wakefield) who supplied and fitted for c.£600 inc vat. Despite transforming the handling the ride quality (although a touch firmer) remains very comfortable even on 19" run flats (although I've recently swapped to non run flat Michelin pilot super sports which makes the set up even better). The cars stance is also much improved (but doesn't look 'modded').

Reviewer: F31 330dx Leeds   5 Stars

Like many with xDrive F3x cars, I was disappointed with the standard suspension. While I appreciate the OEM differences extend to springs, dampers and anti-roll bars, replacing the springs seemed to be the first step.

I was keen to avoid generic suspension options; BMW go to great lengths to set up the springs for the weight of the vehicle. The AC Schnitzer suspension was one of the few offerings on the market that provides tailored springs for a particular configuration.

The handling is certainly improved, with the weight transfer at speed being far less pronounced, and the car feeling less "floaty".

The car is now slightly lower than an sDrive M Sport variant, but not so much that it looks too low. Importantly the car remains at a useable height. In 6 months of driving I have had no issues with any part of the car coming into contact with the ground.

Ride quality is at least as good as standard.

The price was very competitive.

The fitting instructions were clear and straightforward.

The service received was excellent, with prompt shipping and first class communication.

The AC Schnitzer springs are a very popular option across the UK F3x forums, especially for the xDrive cars, and it is clear to see why.

Highly recommended!