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Suspension springs for BMW 4 series (F32/F33), from


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Suspension springs for BMW 4 series (F32/F33), from
Suspension springs for BMW 4 series (F32/F33), from Suspension springs for BMW 4 series (F32/F33), from Suspension springs for BMW 4 series (F32/F33), from
Our suspension spring kit lowers SE/Sport and X-drive models 20mm approx and M Sport (S-drive) models around 10mm. Significantly improves roadholding, reduces body roll and nose dive on braking for a flatter, more controlled ride with no loss of comfort. Also emphasises the appearance of stock or AC Schnitzer bodywork.

Fully compatible with BMW adaptive suspension and X-drive.

Please choose the correct engine, body and drive system from the options above for pricing and ordering.

Fitting instructions in German and English.

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Reviewer: Stevie Northern Ireland   5 Stars

I have owned several BMWs over recent years, 330d e46M3 F30 330d with power kit & 20" wheels - I currently have an F32 435d which Ive owned since Oct 2015. The car initially impressed me with its performance & refinement, but the "tiptoe" stance of the car was at odds with the coupe profile IMO. I took to the Internet & did some research, I didn't want too aggressive a drop in ride height as I need the car to be comfortable everyday, but i really needed to address the matter as it was putting me off the car.

I settled on the AC Schnitzer springs and had them fitted by a local independent specialist - at a cot of £150.

Having spent the last 2 weeks & 600 miles driving on these upgraded springs I can only say my car should have been sent like this from the factory. The whole car feels more taught, the handling is improved & there is no trade off in ride comfort for daily commute. The ride height is now perfect in my opinion. I would encourage anyone who is in the same position to make this cheap & simple upgrade, as it will greatly increase the enjoyment you will get from your car. I'd like to add before & after pics but the format won't allow me.

Reviewer: Del Kent   4 Stars

I thought I’d get a good few miles under its belt before commenting. So after 2000 miles have passed since the ACS spring kit was fitted by Rossiters.

Here goes

The look..The lower ride height speaks for itself. I’ll let you make up your own minds.

The ride.. It feels ever so slightly firmer, but in no way nasty or a unpleasant.

The handling.. The turn in is much sharper with less body roll and diving under braking.

If I’m completely honest the first few miles concerned me and the straight ahead feel through the steering wheel was vague. But I thought to myself, all four corners had been disturbed and it needed time to too settle. Although it took longer than I had thought. It has now settled down to a much nice and more BMW feeling car.

The Visit… The day was great. Made to feel very welcome by Lorcan, WiFi coffee and a unexpected loan car so I could kill some time in the surrounding areas. Nice touch that and thanks again.

In summery.. A great day out, meeting proper people who care about their work. The overall install went very smoothly, as said already the loan car made the day very pleasant. Good to meet Lorcan and the team. And great value for money IMO.